Senoir Master Boris Atanasov – ATEU President

Boris Atanasov born on 04.02.1975 is Taekwon-Do Senior Master with VIII Dan black belt. Hold Master of Engineering degree in “Railways Safety interlocking systems“ from the University of Transport  “T.  Kableshkov” and Master degree in “Industrial Management“ from the University of Mining and Geology  “St.  Ivan Rilski“. President of Advanced Taekwon-do Europe (ATEU/ and Euroatlas Club.

Start practicing Taekwon-Do In 1990, at the age of 15. From 1991 to 1997 competed in national tournaments. From the summer of 2000 lead  Club Euroatlas – first independent Taekwon-Do club in Bulgaria.

In 2003 established the Bulgarian Taekwon-Do Federation BUTF. In 2006 participated in the establishment of the Bulgarian Taekwon-Do Association BAT and was elected Secretary General of the organization. In 2009 was elected President of BUTF. In 2011 participated in the establishment of Advanced Taekwon-do Europe ATEU and was elected Vice-President.

Participates in a number of events and performs various activities where he enriches and updates his technical knowledge and organizational skills in the field of Taekwon-Do:

Actively conducts training, tests and seminars at ATEU events. Organizes and conducts national and international Advanced Taekwon-Do events. Creates training programs and specifies the requirements for technical tests.

Over the past 30 years developing Taekwon-Do as a martial art on a professional level, but as a  hobby.