On 30.04 – 01.05.2011 was held The First Advanced Taekwon-do International Seminar, in Bankya city, Bulgaria, leaded by GM Lim Ching Sing – live legend in Taekwon-do. Grand Master arrived at the invitation of the Bulgarian Taekwon-do Federation – BUTF, which organizes the event.

Chief organizer of the event was M. Trifonov, President of club Phoenix and Secretary General of BUTF and ATEU. The seminar was conducted with the help of Master Ivan Tzatchev, VII Dan, and Norway.

Grand Master Lim presented the details of the techniques and methods for their safe execution in accordance with the anatomy of the human body. The seminar was held in four sessions, during which were studying forms, kicks and self defense.

Great interest to students and instructors was the presentation of the “hidden” applications of the techniques of forms, which means their actual use in self-defense.

Everyone was enchanted by the authentic and expert skills and knowledge of Grand Master Lim and delighted by his attitude, dedication and a positive broadcast.


The seminar ended with an examination of black belts. The test lasted two hours, during which performed forms, sparring, special technique and power test. Participants in the exam successfully defended the higher grades and received a international certificates.


The results are:

  1. Boris Atanasov – VI degree
  2. Miroslav Trifonov – IV degree
  3. Elitza Boyanova – III degree
  4. Boris Simeonov – III degree
  5. Adelina Galeva – II degree
  6. Alexandar Ivanov – I degree
  7. Viktoria Hristova – I degree

Finally, GM Lim gave autographs and inscriptions his name on the belts of children which waiting their turn with trembling. All of us received certificates for participation in the seminar and they gave a gift – paintings on Taekwon-Do to Grand Master, like a souvenir from Bulgaria.

Outside of the workshop sessions, due to the large interest of instructors and students, GM Lim presented basic movements of Tai Chi complexes and their beneficial effects on the body and keeping of the joints. All were delighted with the flexibility and plasticity of the Grand Master.

Participants walked away with emotions, motivation and happy from their experiences and lessons learned. Grand Master Lim was left with great impressions of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian taekwonders and expressed the wish to visit us again.

Photos from the seminar: taekwon-do.bg.

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