Advanced Taekwon-Do Europe ATEU (ATKD.EU) offers access to know-how, trademark and working business model in martial arts training. It applies flexible options for successful cooperation based on the “mutual benefit” principle. Supports partners developing Advanced Taekwon-Do through franchising including:

  • Trademark.

Advanced Taekwon-do Europe is a  trademark protected  by the Protection of Competition Act (CPA). This ensures the authenticity  of the issued degree certificates with the ATEU logo.

  • International certificates.

Issues international certificates for technical degrees in Taekwon-Do, according to the rules and requirements of the organization.  Provides the opportunity to issue honorary certificates. The certificates have unique numbers from the database, are protected by a holographic sticker and contain a QR code to the organization’s website.  The certificates for black belts are signed by the President of the organization and are accompanied by an organization badge and a plastic card.

  • Seminars.

Organizes and conducts national and international seminars with Masters and Grandmasters. The seminars are thematic and are aimed at improving the qualification of the participants in them. They can be combined with technical promotions.

  • Technical promotions.

Promotions in degree are offered to all Taekwon-Do practitioners. They are a theoretical and practical test of Taekwon-Do, based on a solid criterion of technical skills, knowledge and experience. An accelerated procedure (Rank compensation) is offered for promotion to the degree of Masters and instructors with many years of experience in martial arts.

  • Teaching aids and programmes.

Innovative Taekwon-Do training programs have been developed, tested and introduced. They include modern trends in martial arts, as they are tailored to the specifics of the target groups. The programmes shall be updated annually according demonstrated results  obtained from their implementation.

The instructors of the organization are authors of the books “Advanced Taekwon-Do – Modern Martial Art” and  “Taekwon-Do the Way of Common Sense”, which are suitable teaching aids for trainees and instructors   .

  • Equipment and logos.

Offers equipment branded with inscriptions, logo and symbols of the organization. Produces embroidered emblems, black belts on an individual project, containing the name and current degree. Provides projects and image files with logos and inscriptions, assists in the development of new designs.