TaeKwonDo is modern martial art intended for self-defense, officially announced on 11 April 1955. It was founded by gen. Choi Hong Hi, based on karate techniques and traditional martial arts.

In literal translation “TAE” means “kick”, “KWON” means “punch” and “DO” – “way /art/”. Later the name was changed to “TAEKWON-DO” to achieve balance between physical training “TAEKWON” and individual growing of the spirit – “DO”.

“TAEKWON” is the physical part of the martial art. These are techniques which we train. They all have theoretical explanation and they are subjects to fundamental principles of physics and biomechanics.

“DO” is the philosophy of the martial art – moral principles, way of thinking for personal spiritual growth and achieves happy life and harmony.

Gen. Choi Hong Hi established International Taekwon-do Federation /ITF/ on 22.03.1966.

As I said, my research ended in the mid 80’s, & I will make no more advances in my lifetime, the legacy of the development of TAEKWON-DO for the future remains with the Masters of the Art from now on. I have entrusted the development to them.”

Friday 12th November, 1999, General Choi Hong Hi

Advanced Taekwon-do is the next level of Taekwon-do, where the techniques are refined, upgraded and expanded. It was founded by Grandmaster James Lim.

GM Lim is a pivotal figure in the history of Taekwon-do and an inspiration to all who love the art. In 1980, GM Lim embarked on a journey that took him all over Canada and United States, as an assistant to Gen. Choi Hong Hi, the founder of ITF Taekwon-do. The team were instrumental in the “sine wave” introduced by Gen. Choi, demonstrating the new art at seminars. The next 16 years saw GM Lim travelling around the world with Gen. Choi, teaching and promoting the art of ITF Taekwon-do. In 1984, he was appointed Director of the ITF and in 1989, the Chairman of the ITF Technical Committee.

GM Lim continues to pursue his art and vision with ITF, his effort eventually culminated in the formation of Advanced Taekwon-do International (ATI). Advanced Taekwon-do adheres to traditional Chang-Hon patterns and techniques, but concentrates on “Do” and self-defense, instead of sport events, without politics and mysticism. Incorporates energy, dynamic (powerful yet subtle), biomechanical movements (explosive yet easy on the joints) and agile stances (stable yet responsive) into existing Taekwon-do training programs.

The aim is to create an effective combat system that is highly suitable for self-defense, personal, mental and physical development and best of all, allows practitioners to continue the advanced training into their senior age without worrying about damage to their joints and muscles.

The techniques taught in Advanced Taekwon-do are constantly evolving, as a true martial art is a dynamic system that grows continuously.


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