TaeKwonDo is modern martial art intended for self-defense, officially announced on 11 April 1955. It was founded by gen. Choi Hong Hi, based on karate techniques and traditional martial arts.

In literal translation “TAE” means “kick”, “KWON” means “punch” and “DO” – “way /art/”. Later the name was changed to “TAEKWON-DO” to achieve balance between physical training “TAEKWON” and individual growing of the spirit – “DO”.

“TAEKWON” is the physical part of the martial art. These are techniques which we train. They all have theoretical explanation and they are subjects to fundamental principles of physics and biomechanics.

“DO” is the philosophy of the martial art – moral principles, way of thinking for personal spiritual growth and achieves happy life and harmony.

Gen. Choi Hong Hi established International Taekwon-do Federation /ITF/ on 22.03.1966.

As I said, my research ended in the mid 80’s, & I will make no more advances in my lifetime, the legacy of the development of TAEKWON-DO for the future remains with the Masters of the Art from now on. I have entrusted the development to them.”

Friday 12th November, 1999, General Choi Hong Hi