Advanced* Taekwon-do is the next level of ITF Taekwon-do (“Chang Hon” style, created by Gen. Choi) as modern martial art where the explanations of the techniques are improved, modernized, enriched and refined. Combines the traditional methodology with the most modern achievements of sciences such as: pedagogy, psychology, physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, etc. It is adapted to the individual physical capabilities and mental needs of the practitioners. It adheres to traditional patterns and techniques but concentrates on the “Do” philosophy. Excludes sports, politics and mysticism.

In addition to covering technical degrees (color and black belts), the martial art has a practical-applied focus as self-defense and can be a relevant means of recreation (entertainment, entertainment, rest, recovery, etc.).

Practitioners are provided with many opportunities for self-improvement, personal growth and building self-confidence through participation in various events: demonstrations, camps, seminars, etc. In these appearances, the leading is not the sports-competitive, but the social beginning.

Advanced Taekwon-do was founded by Grandmaster James Lim and developed in Europe by Advanced Taekwon-do Europe.

GM Lim is a pivotal figure in the history of Taekwon-do and an inspiration to all who love the art. In 1980, GM Lim embarked on a journey that took him all over Canada and United States, as an assistant to Gen. Choi Hong Hi, the founder of ITF Taekwon-do. The team were instrumental in the “sine wave” introduced by Gen. Choi, demonstrating the new art at seminars. The next 16 years saw GM Lim travelling around the world with Gen. Choi, teaching and promoting the art of ITF Taekwon-do. In 1984, he was appointed Director of the ITF and in 1989, the Chairman of the ITF Technical Committee.

In an interview (November 1999), General Choi stated:

„As I said, my research ended in the mid 80’s, & I will make no more advances in my lifetime, the legacy of the development of TAEKWON-DO for the future remains with the Masters of the Art from now on. I have entrusted the development to them.”

Interview with General Choi Hong Hi

GM Lim continues to develop the art and creates Advanced Taekwon-do

Advanced Taekwon-do overlaps technically with ITF Taekwon-do – the techniques and forms are identical to those described in the Encyclopedia.

The differences between Advanced and the ITF are mainly organizational – the absence of competition rules and the possibility of membership of different teams/groups within the organization. In terms of exam requirements, Advanced applies technically identical to ITF requirements from the Encyclopedia, but the level system has been expanded with Kids levels and Poom. At the organization level, Advanced delegates the right to the instructor to examine up to one degree of his own. From I Dan he can examine own student’s and award Gup.

The advantages of Advanced Taekwon-Do are:

  1. ACCESSIBLE TO ALL – Offers modern methodology and updated training programs. Practical and applied focus (self-defense) and is a relevant means of recreation (entertainment, entertainment, relaxation, recovery, etc.).
  2. SELF-IMPROVEMENT AND PERSONAL GROWTH – Building self-confidence through participation in a variety of events: demonstrations, camps, seminars, etc. In these events, the leading one is not the sports competition, but the social beginning.
    1. There is no sporting activity.
    2. There are no restrictions on cooperation with other organizations.
    3. Without politics and mysticism.

Presentation Advanced Taekwon-do

Advanced TKD Europe