Advanced Taekwon-do Europe ATEU (ATKD.EU) is an informal organization aimed at promoting and developing Korean martial arts, specifically Taekwon-Do. It brings together like-minded people (groups or individuals) practicing different styles of martial arts. It cooperates with international organizations, instructors and martial artists.

ATEU (ATKD.EU) was created as an autonomous alternative to existing Taekwon-Do organizations at national and international level. It offers group or individual support to all practitioners of Taekwon-Do as a martial art. Provides know-how through franchising.

Creates opportunities for self-improvement, personal growth and building self-confidence through participation in various events where the social principle is leading.

Constantly maintains contacts with international organizations and Grand Masters developing martial arts around the world. ATEU Masters and instructors participate in international events, maintaining a high and up-to-date level of knowledge and skills in martial arts.

The organization does not develop sports activities – tournaments or competitions. It doesn’t politicize or mystify martial arts. It focuses on the practical and applied focus of martial arts and their relevance as a  way of recreation.