Advanced Taekwon-do Europe ATEU is an informal organization focused on the development of Korean martial arts, specifically Taekwon-do. It brings together like-minded people (organizations and/or individuals) practicing different styles of martial arts. It cooperates with international organizations, Masters, instructors and martial artists.

Advanced Taekwon-do Europe presents an advanced alternative to existing Taekwon-do organizations. Advanced means:

  • Highly developed.
  • Being at a higher level than others.
  • Ahead of the times; progressive: advanced teaching methods.

ATEU developing Taekwon-do as modern and progressive martial art with modern approach, implementing business, science, philosophy “Do” and innovations. Organization encourage all practitioners In Taekwon-do to advance in rank. Propose modern system for rank test, according to classical requirements and issue international certificates for Masters, International instructors and Dan gup holders.