Advanced Taekwon-do Europe ATEU is an advanced alternative to existing Taekwon-do organizations and prolong arm to Advanced Taekwon-do International ATI founded by Grand Master James Lim IX Dan. Advanced means:

  • Highly developed.
  • Being at a higher level than others.
  • Ahead of the times; progressive: advanced teaching methods.

ATEU is young organization with deep philosophy: “Although we are growing slowly, we take it easy, because we are interested in quality and depth.”

ATEU developing Taekwon-do as modern and progressive martial art. Organization is advanced as management and vision. Our vision is “The best of the past with the challenge of the future”. This can be realized by innovations and modern approach to develop Taekwon-do implementing “Do”.

ATEU see the future of Taekwon-do as martial art, not only as a sport. Our motto is “We do not create world champions, but new generation of positive, healthy and happy people with clear new vision, ready to meet tomorrow with an open mind“. We organize and conduct open national and international seminars with Grandmasters, masters and international instructors from ATI.

ATEU encourage all practitioners In Taekwon-do to advance in rank and propose modern open system for rank test, according to classical requirements and issue international certificates for Masters, International instructors and dan or gup holders.

ATEU is open to accept members regardless of politics, religion, gender or race. Members can be National organizations or clubs. All members have preferential access to official events and get full organizational and administrative support. Prices for membership and certificates are standard for Europe and based on economic status of different countries.

ATEU believe in freedom, do not limit and do not oblige.

Be “Advanced” with ATEU!