Dear Taekwon-Do Masters, Instructors, students, friends and fans,

Bulgarian Taekwon-Do Federation / BUTF / and Advanced Taekwon-Do Europe / ATEU /
is pleased to invite you to the 2nd Open ATI- Advanced Taekwon-Do International seminar in Bulgaria
that will take place the 15 & 16 of June 2013 in Sofia-Bulgaria.

The seminar will be led by Grandmaster James Lim, 9th Dan, a Taekwon-Do legend,
elected by late Gen. Choi the formal ITF Technical chairman and director.

Gen.Choi & GM LimPractitioners, instructors no matter organization or style are invited.

For  those eligible for testing will have a chance to complete their next Dan grading.

The seminars conducted by GM Lim are different than many others you may have participated. After his seminars students feel significantly motivated and transformed. They better understand themselves and grow in the spirit of Taekwondo as well as their martial arts skills and techniques.

All participants will be awarded  with certificates signature by GM Lim and during the seminar everyone can meet personally GM Lim and get signed autographs.

1-st ATI Seminar in BG
Join the  2nd Open ATI-Advanced Taekwondo seminar in Bulgaria.

For further information:
Miroslav Trifonov, 4.Dan ATI, Secretary General of ATEU & BUTF

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