Taekwondo Seminar in Bulgaria

It has been a tradition in Bulgarian Federation Taekwondo (BUTF) to invite every year high qualified instructors for seminars and courses. Last year BUTF invited Grand Master Lim 9 Dan and this year the Federation invited Master Ivan Tzatchev, a 7 Degree Black Belt. The seminar took place in Sofia Bulgaria on the 15th of June 2014.

Master Tzatchev conducted the seminar focusing on all traditional Taekwondo aspects and techniques, emphasizing the application of Taekwondo in self-defense. The seminar was attended by more than 60 participants ranging from 12 to 56 years of age, and from white belt to 6 Dan black belts.

The seminar program was very comprehensive and exciting, at the same time easy to follow by everyone. Master Tzatchev’s instruction style is very special, and balances well the best aspects of the past Martial Art tradition and attitude with the current attitude challenges facing young generation these days. These things made the seminar very exciting, and at the same time created a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. “It was a very great pleasure to teach the Bulgarian student”, Master Tzatchev says. “They are quite knowledgeable students that gained the knowledge from their instructors, and at the same time very hungry and eager to learn new things. The feedback from the seminar was:“Everybody Happy”

About Master Ivan Tzatchev

Master Ivan Tzatchev – 7 Dan Bulgarian origin relocated to Norway in 1973. In 1982 he started training the art of Tang Soo Do while studying in the USA. After a few years of practicing of Tang Soo Do he got involved in TaekwonDo the art that he has been practicing until now and in which he achieved a master level. During his journey in TaekwonDo Master Tzatchev had experienced different schools and different organization until he found what he was looking for ” the best of the past with the best of the current, the knowledge from the past with the challenge for the future “. I am very lucky says Master Tzetchev, as I have been honored to train personally with many Great Masters such as Master Per Andresen -8 Dan-Norway, GM Park Jung Tae-9 Dan, GM James Lim -9.Dan and many others.

In 1996 after long search he choose Advanced Taekwondo International (ATI) with GM James Lim-9 Dan as the president and Head instructor. Since then Master Tzatchev has carried out many positions such as the director and head instructor for Advanced TaeKwonDo Norway or the leader of the Advanced TaeKwonDo European Division.

Master Tzatchev’s motto is: “Expertise, Quality, Creativity, Culture Club” when through his hard work he provide his students with a guidance to help to achieve them their dream goals.

Master Tzatchev says, we do not create the world champions, but positive people healthy, happy individuals with clear vision and new visions that can meet tomorrow with an open mind and good physique. A generation of healthy and happy people.

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