tromso-3On the April 26th &27th, . Grand Master James Lim 9th Dan, Presented an Advanced two day TaeKwonDo seminar in Tromsø-Norway. From the first bow, the students were impressed by Grand Master Lim and his simple style of teaching. He awed them with his demonstrations, his ability to maintain speed and accuracy of movement and transform the external into the internal. With seeming ease, he performed the most difficult movements and confirmed them as achievable. The students were impressed with Grand Master Lim’s patient teaching methods, demonstrations, and personal attention; they soon became motivated and thoughtful. Listening carefully and watching, they were changed by Grand Master Lim’s focused teaching methods and his abilities to ”Do” …We learn what we see done. Words are not enough. “We walk the talk”.


I, Master Tzatchev 7th Dan, have the privileged to be private student of one of TaeKwonDo legends Grand Master James Lim 9th Dan and to be able to learn the original TaeKwonDo from him.

Photo taken under the Arctic Seminar 26-27.April-Tromsø-Norway

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