ATN -ATI Open TaeKwon-Do seminar  on Saturday 11. June kids (6 -10 years) was held at Lunheim School in Tromsø Norway – 11.00 – 13.00.

More then 60 kids from different clubs and nation join the semminar.
Some learned new sparring techniques, another apters and another just met new friends.
Happy happening for everyone, and it was athusiasm, speed and fun.



The next class junior/seniors  wat hold at the same place but time: 13- 17.00.
Here was a quality to see and even the participators from Island, Finland and Estland hold a good level.

The ATN participater show a hight quality level, aspecially the girls.
We hope next time we will have more participators from other coutries,  we can exchange knowledge and make new Taekwondo  friends, bothers and sisters.

On the next day  Sunday was hold Open  TaeKwon-Do-Do Grading test for color belts junior/seniors
from: 13.00 -17.00 at Lunheim School- Tromsø Norway, 36 students pass  succesfuly the test, unfortunally 6 went home desapointed.
The exsaminator Master Ivan Tzatchev – 7 Dan was very satisfield from the level of the students.

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