On 15 and 16 June 2013 was held a second Advanced Taekwon-Do International seminar in Bulgaria organised by ATEU and BUTF. The  seminar was led by Grand Master Lim, 9 Dan.


The Grand Master was assisted by Master Ivan Tsachev 7 Dan – President of ATEU and Boris Atanasov 6 dan – President of BUTF.


Grand Master Lim impress all with excellent form and skills by performing techniques and sparring combinations along with instructors and students.

Four parts of three hours include patterns, combinations and strategies for free sparring and self-defense.


Welcomed with the greatest interest the presentation of the “hidden” applications of the techniques of patterns. The Great Master demonstrate how each of the forms technique goes into self defense technique. The instructors were amazed by the knowledge and expertise of GM Lim and repeatedly watching and practicing techniques.

Hidden applications of the techniques were taught only to the closest of Gen. Choi masters, one of which is GM Lim – personal student of the founder of Taekwon-Do. Our meeting with GM Lim explains why ever Bulgarian instructors were seen only on presentation of sporting and technical part of the martial art.

All instructors enthusiastically realized that they were among the few who are touching the practical techniques for the patterns.

During the seminar was presented the book “Taekwondo” Chang hon “- The way of sanity” by M. Trifonov, 4 Dan and B. Atanassov, 6 Dan. GM Lim considered with great interest the book and wanted to take along a few pieces per Canada.

The Grand Master gave autographs for books and belts of the participants who eagerly awaited their turn.



The seminar ended with an award ceremony to the participants.


More photos are available in the gallery.

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