From 29.09. until 01.10.2023, a three-day ATEU camp was held in Azareya Eco Village. The base is located in the “heart” of the Troyan Balkan and has wonderful conditions for sports, tourism and recreation.

The event was attended by representatives of the Martial Arts Academy and club “Euroatlas”. From MAA these were: sahyonim Mario Iliev – Ch. instructor of the academy and chairman of the ATEU instructor board; Ivan Ivanov – board member, and Nicole Taskova. From TC “Euroatlas” participated: SM Boris Atanasov – Chairman of the Club and President of ATEU, Tommy Gizdov – Member of the Board of the Club and the Instructor Board of ATEU, Borislava Gizdova and Boris Atanasov – Jr.

The camp was extremely fruitful and the program was full of events, given the little time we (unfortunately) had. The past 2022/2023 season was considered successful: several camps, exams for technical degrees, an international seminar led by SM Malcolm Jones, participation in online courses, instructors were promoted to rank.

The tasks for the new 2023/2024 were planned: participation in camps, exams and seminars (if possible international), preparation for printing of the second revised and supplemented edition of the book “Advanced Taekwon-Do – Modern Martial Art”.

Fully in the spirit of ATEU’s innovation “Next belt now” were promoted to grade Nicole – 4 gup and Borislava – 7 gup. Both, in addition to the training process, were actively involved in the social life of the organization.

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