The beginning student may ask: “Where does one obtain the power to create the devastating results attributed to Taekwon-Do?” This power is attributed to the utilization of a person’s full potential through the mathematical application of Taekwon-Do techniques.

Encyclopedia vol. 2 page 14


Thus begins the Theory of Power” in the encyclopedia Taekwon-Do. The author of the theory is the creator of Taekwon-Do Gen. Choi. This theory is the foundation on which Taekwon-Do is built and developed as a modern martial art. “Theory of Power” is studied by all Taekwon-Do practitioners, explained by the Grand Masters at the International Seminar and has become a dogma!

Dogma (from Greek δόγμα, δόγματα – establish, affirm) means the doctrine of belief in a religion or a political system. The literal meaning of dogma in ancient Greek wassomething that seems true.” These days, in English, dogma is more absolute. If you believe in a certain religion or philosophy, you believe in its dogma, or core assumptions. Dogma, once adopted, is accepted without question.

To what extent does the “Theory of Powerpractically realize its goal: “using all human potential through the mathematical application of Taekwon-Do techniques.”?

To answer this question, we must first question and discuss the “Theory of Power,” which would have been declared as heresy, if Taekwon-Do had been a religion. But Taekwon-Do is a martial art and Gen. Choi was a military man, not a mathematician or physicist, which is a sufficient prerequisite for Theory of Power not to be perfect!

In 1965, Gen. Choi published the book Taekwon-Do. In it, “Theory of Power” contains four factors: Reaction Force, Concentration, Equilibrium, and Breath Control. Published in 1985, the Taekwon-Do Encyclopedia contains two other factors in the Theory of Power: Mass and Speed. Therefore, Taekwon-Do underwent serious development between 1965 and 1985.

The most interesting thing here is that with theTheory of Power” Gen. Choi creates a paradox in which he plays a leading role! On the one hand, he argues that in order to fully explained, and mastered with understanding Taekwon-Do requires solid knowledge in mathematics and physics.  On the other hand, Gen. Choi does not introduce a requirement for international instructors, masters and grandmasters for a level of knowledge in mathematics and physics.

Is Gen. Choi preferred mass practice overmathematical application of Taekwon-Do techniques”? Time has given an answer to this question and today Taekwon-Do is widespread all over the world.




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