Today, conspiracy theories are in vogue and widely available to everyone, according to their taste. From the “moon affair”, through the “ancient aliens” and so on to the “flat earth”. But what is the relationship between the martial art and all these conspiracies???

The answer is puzzlingly simple: The existence of substantial discrepancies between the “official version” and reality, which should receive an adequate explanation…

Taekwon-Do is a modern Korean martial art designed for self-defense, without weapons. It was created in the early twentieth century on the basis of Japanese martial arts (Karate) and traditional Korean fighting styles by General Choi Hong Hi. In the 1980s, he published the Encyclopedia Taekwon-Do. This extensive work contains 15 volumes, where “everything” about Taekwon-Do is described. It contains approximately 5,000 pages and 30,000 photos, the first edition was printed in 1985. Volumes 8 to 15 are devoted to the 24 patterns, contain photographs and descriptions of movements showing possible applications of the techniques.


Gen.  Choi Hong Hi died on June 15, 2002, but Taekwon-Do continues to exist and мass practiced. One by one, the discrepancies emerge.…


1.Taekwon-Do is scientifically explained in the Encyclopedia… but there are no education requirements for instructors and masters (see article on the topic)!

The chapter “Theory of Power” in the Encyclopedia is the foundation on which Taekwon-Do was built and developed as a modern martial art. ” Theory of Power” is studied by all Taekwon-Do practitioners, explained by instructors or masters at international seminars.

With the “Theory of Power” Gen. Choi creates a paradox in which he plays a leading role! On the one hand, he argues that in order to fully understand, master and explain Taekwon-Do requires solid knowledge in mathematics and physics. On the other hand, it does not introduce a requirement for international instructors, masters for a level of knowledge in the field of mathematics and physics.

In other words: Most Taekwon-Do instructors and masters explain things they themselves don’t understand!!!

All this leads to the logical question to Taekwon-Do organizations: When will you introduce such a requirement?

2.Many instructors claim and have written on their websites: “Taekwon-Do is a cult/religion”… But religion is something completely different!

In 2010, the article “Taekwon-Do is not a religion!». The absurdity is that the artificial intelligence ChatGPT understood, and these instructors did not understand… Tragedy!

This is a real example of how artificial intelligence surpasses the natural intelligence of instructors, and this leads to the logical question to Taekwon-Do organizations: Why you not “train” enough these instructors?




3.In Taekwon-Do there are 24 patterns, but in fact there are more…

The 24 patterns symbolize the 24 hours of the day. One day or our whole life. Human life can be taken as a day if compared to eternity.

Children even know that in the 80s the Juche pattern was created, which is the newest and 25th in a row. And here we read an interesting article on the subject

Immediately a question to everyone: How many are the patterns in Taekwon-Do and what do they symbolize?



4.Patterns always begin and end in the same spot (See article on the subject)… Yes, but No!

We have all been beginners in TKD and have taught that “Patterns should begin and end at exactly the same spot”! That’s how wrote Gen. Choi in the Encyclopedia!!! And then many others have copied from it.

In a simulation of the movement from the pattern with identical positions along the entire diagram at the end it is finishes in a different spot (relative to the beginning)!

    Chonji                              Dan-Gun

All this has been in front of our eyes since the publication of the Encyclopedia in 1985. But the diagrams are on sequential pictures and the proportions of the positions look normal… and when superimposing one on top of the other (with overlapping of the steps) there is a discrepancy in the coordinate systems (visible in Do-San)!


Immediately question to everyone: Are you precise performing the positions in the patterns if you begin and end at exactly the same spot???


To be continue…



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