This is a continuation of the theme of:  Practical for Theory of Power and Pattern should begin and end at exactly same spot – The secret of the “Scientific approach” of gen. Choi. Anyone who has studied at a university and has filled a protocol with measurements from a laboratory practiceContinue Reading


The beginning student may ask: “Where does one obtain the power to create the devastating results attributed to Taekwon-Do?” This power is attributed to the utilization of a person’s full potential through the mathematical application of Taekwon-Do techniques. Encyclopedia vol.2 page 17   Thus begins the “Theory of Power” inContinue Reading

The term “style” is widely used in martial arts circles. Its meaning is very wide and this often leads to confusion. In modern everyday life, the word “style” describes the personal representation of the   individual and his uniqueness. Each practitioner has his own “style” of performance. Eventually, this practitioner willContinue Reading

The sine wave in Taekwon-Do is a fundamental way for performing the techniques through a sequence of relaxation of the body, lifting the center of gravity and its downward movement at the end (the moment of performing the technique). The sine wave in Taekwon-Do was introduced by Gen. Choi inContinue Reading