Today, conspiracy theories are in vogue and widely available to everyone, according to their taste. From the “moon affair”, through the “ancient aliens” and so on to the “flat earth”. But what is the relationship between the martial art and all these conspiracies??? The answer is puzzlingly simple: The existenceContinue Reading

Spell – magical formulas, expressions of mysterious meaning, addressed to supernatural forces. It is an energetic influence on a person in order to suppress his will and obey another. General Choi created Taekwon-Do and began its distribution as a martial art in the literal sense – training of soldiers inContinue Reading


Along with the transformation of the martial art into a sport, we are increasingly witnessing its politicization. This is happening both in our country and on the international stage. This process of politicization was discreetly born in the early years of the ITF, when, for political reasons, General Choi HongContinue Reading

This is a continuation of the theme of:  Practical for Theory of Power and Pattern should begin and end at exactly same spot – The secret of the “Scientific approach” of gen. Choi. Anyone who has studied at a university and has filled a protocol with measurements from a laboratory practiceContinue Reading


The beginning student may ask: “Where does one obtain the power to create the devastating results attributed to Taekwon-Do?” This power is attributed to the utilization of a person’s full potential through the mathematical application of Taekwon-Do techniques. Encyclopedia vol. 2 page 14   Thus begins the “Theory of Power”Continue Reading