On 25.06.2023 in the sports hall “Be shape”, Lyulin – the “home” of Martial Arts Academy, sahonym Mario Iliev held an exam for technical degrees. Special guests of the event from TC “Euroatlas” were: Master Boris Atanasov – Chairman, President of Advanced Taekwon-do Bulgaria and Advanced Taekwon-do Europe; Tommy Gizdov (4th dan) – Member of the Board and the Instructor Board of ATEU,  and Borislava Gizdova.

The MAA students performed excellently, for which they were awarded certificates personally by the President of ATEU. They demonstrated all aspects of the martial art: basic technique, shapes, sparring (three-step, two-step and free), jumping (in length, height and with a rotation of 360°), as well as attractive self-defense techniques.


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