On 30.06.2024, an exam for technical degrees in Korean kickboxing (Kun Gek Do) was held in the sports hall of TC “Euroatlas”. The Technical Committee was composed of Senior Master Boris Atanasov (VIII dan) – Chairman of Advanced Taekwon-do Europe ATEU and Master Mario Iliev (VII dan) – Chairman ofContinue Reading

On June 1st and 2nd, the “International self-defense seminar 2024” was held in the hall of TC “Viking” with leading master Mario Iliev (VII dan) – a long-time teacher of “Police self-defense” at the Academy of the Ministry of Interior. The seminar was at the invitation and with the kindContinue Reading

Master Mario Iliev (7th dan) has been practicing martial arts for over 40 years and holds master degrees (black belt) in several. National champion and multiple winner in “Combat Techniques/Self-Defence”; World vice-champion and medalist from world championship; International instructor and judge in national and international championships (including Balkan, European andContinue Reading

Today, conspiracy theories are in vogue and widely available to everyone, according to their taste. From the “moon affair”, through the “ancient aliens” and so on to the “flat earth”. But what is the relationship between the martial art and all these conspiracies??? The answer is puzzlingly simple: The existenceContinue Reading

Spell – magical formulas, expressions of mysterious meaning, addressed to supernatural forces. It is an energetic influence on a person in order to suppress his will and obey another. General Choi created Taekwon-Do and began its distribution as a martial art in the literal sense – training of soldiers inContinue Reading