On 29 March 2015, a black belt examination was held in the club. There appeared 8 candidates, TK Phoenix graduates, who presented themselves worthy, covered the technical requirements for 1st Dan and earned their place in the black belt guild. Testing instructors were Sa Bou Nim M. Trifonov, Sa Bum Nim B. Atanassov and Sa Bum Nim K. Kukushev.

The test was conducted in a completely new format, different from the standard “rigid” scheme where the instructor sets techniques and counts in Korean. The new format is called Blitz Black Belt Test and is another innovation of the BUTF team.

The exam, a result of hard training, took place as a spectacular demonstration to the examining instructors and guests. For 30 minutes, candidates presented their skills in negotiated and free sparring, self-defense, form, special technique and power test. Passing through all of the Taekwon-do disciplines overflowed from one to the other with no tiring pauses and interruptions. The work of the examining committee was limited to monitoring and evaluating candidates for the relevant technical requirements.


The result of the first Blitz Black Belt Test in Bulgaria was impressive. Candidates felt more relaxed and confident, and the audience was pleased with what they saw with their applause. All attention was focused solely on the performance of the participants, and the work of the instructors was smooth and almost unnoticed.

After the practical examination, a theoretical one took place in the form of a lecture. The questions covered the history of martial arts, explanations of techniques and positions, and “theory of power”.

The test ended with the oath of Taekwon-to a solemn promise of the principles, virtues and values of life.

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