On December 14, 2018 Club Euroatlas held the annual exam for technical grades and black belts.

The test was conducted by Master B. Atanassov – President of Advancecity Taekwon-to Europe ATEU and Club Euroatlas. Four candidates appeared for promotion to black belt.

Among them she was a “veteran” in Taekwon-do to Iliana Nikolova. She has been practicing the martial arts since 1990. Iliana demonstrates “Indomitable Spirit” to the “new” generation and has successfully promoted the 3rd Dan.


The candidates demonstrated basic technique, patterns, special techniques, self-defense, sparring and breaking. For the final, they answered the theoretical questions of Taekwon-do history and philosophy.

Candidates presented themselves worthy and successfully promoted to the next technical level:

  • Iliana Nikolova – 3 dan
  • Stefan Tabakov -1 dan
  • Theodor Stankov – 1 dan
  • Alexandra Rangelova – 1 dan
  • Bozhin Zafirov – 1 gup
  • Iva Kambitova – 2 gup

The exam was conducted according to the standards of Advancecity Taekwon-do. The participants received certificates from Advancead Taekwon-do International. New black belts received a card and badge from ATEU.

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