The technical grade exams at Taekwon-do are routine events in clubs. The practice is to take one two or three exams per year, which are pre-planned in the organization’s calendar. This enables the practitioners in the group to prepare together for the upcoming exam. In the preparation process, some practitioners always progress significantly faster than the others. This requires them to slow down and wait for the rest of the group.

In 2015, BUTF/ATEU introduced in Bulgaria Blitz Black Belt Test innovation, a completely new format for black belt exams other than the standard “old school” scheme, in which the instructor sets techniques and counts in Korean. The exam took place as a spectacular demonstration in front of the instructor and guests. Going through all the disciplines of the Taekwon-do overflowing one to the other without boring breaks and interruptions. The examiner’s work was limited to watching and evaluating applicants according to the relevant technical requirements.

The question arise – what can be offered as an innovation for colored belts?

Over time, the answer came alone. After the lockdowns and pandemics, groups of practitioners of different degrees turned out in the gyms. Preparing such a group for an exam is a challenge for instructors. It’s obvious how some practitioners are ready for a new degree before the others, but they’re waiting for the exam…

Thus came the idea that prepared practitioners should be promoted before the exam, during the training of which they demonstrate their level.

NEXT BELT NOW is innovation enabling an prepared by a practitioner to advance in rang during an event (training, seminar or camp) without a pre-planned examination. Promotions can immediately tie the new belt, which commits to within a week to acquire a certificate for the new degree, under the respective conditions of the club/organization.

ATEU introduces NEXT BELT NOW from September 2022.

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