On 07.01.2024 in the sports hall “Be shape”, Lyulin – the “home” of Martial Arts Academy, sahyonym Mario Iliev held an technical exam. Special guest of the event was SM Boris Atanasov (VIII dan) – President of Advanced Taekwon-Do Bulgaria, TC “Euroatlas” and Advanced Taekwon-do Europe.

The students from MAA performed excellently, for which they were awarded certificates from ATEU. They demonstrated impeccable mastery of basic technique, patterns and sparring (three-step and free) in front of the members of the instructor board Tommy Gizdov, Valentin Andonov and Ivan Ivanov.

Sahyunim Atanasov congratulated the participants in the exam and wished them a lot of health and new success. The President of ATEU invited all trainees to participate in the upcoming self-defense seminar, which will be held in early February in the hall of TC “Euroatlas” hosted by Master Iliev.

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