On 3 and 4 February in the “Euroatlas” gym was held “Open self-defense seminar 2024” with leading master Mario Iliev (VII dan) – a longtime lecturer in “Police self-defense” at the Academy of the Ministry of Interior.

The seminar was initiated by an instructor board of Advanced Taekwon-do Europe. It was attended by trainees in Martial arts academy, Club “Euroatlas” and Club (WT) “Viking”.

The program of the seminar was extremely varied and interesting for the participants, with two training sessions of 3 hours. The first day was studied ways of falling: forward, backward, sideways and with rolling, as well as techniques for defending against an unarmed opponent attacking by: hitting with hands and feet, grips, ranges and choking (front, back and side).

The second day focused on protection techniques from an attacker armed with dangerous objects such as: knife, metal pipe, etc.

The seminar ended with a solemn award ceremony for the participants. A special guest of the event was Assoc. Dr. Ilian Boyanov – Chairman of Club “Viking”. He was very pleased with the top level shown and made an official invitation to a joint seminar in the hall of the club “Knyazhevo” in Dragalevtsi quarter.

A unique gift (T-shirt with the ATEU fist) received for his birthday SM Boris Atanasov (VIII dan) – chairman of the organization.

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