On June 1st and 2nd, the “International self-defense seminar 2024” was held in the hall of TC “Viking” with leading master Mario Iliev (VII dan) – a long-time teacher of “Police self-defense” at the Academy of the Ministry of Interior.

The seminar was at the invitation and with the kind hosting of Assoc. Dr. Ilian Boyanov – Chairman of TC “Viking”. It was attended by trainees from the Martial arts academy, TC “Euroatlas”, TC (WT) “Viking” and BC “Chigot Bagain”.

For the first time, there were also online participants from England and France, who participated very actively, albeit “remotely” via Skype. They asked a lot of questions, to which Master Iliev answered comprehensively with explanations and demonstrations. The foreigners were extremely pleased with the high level of the participants and the professionalism of the host. They did not spare superlatives and expressed gratitude for the opportunity and readiness to participate in future events.

The program of the seminar was extremely diverse and interesting for the participants, as 2 training sessions of 3 hours each were held. On the first day, techniques for defense against an unarmed opponent attacking by: punches and kicks, grips, grips and chokes (front, back and side) were studied; ways of falling: forward, backward, sideways and rolling; techniques for knocking down and throwing an attacker. The second day was focused on techniques for defending against an opponent armed with dangerous objects such as: knife, bat, pipe, etc., as well as ways to neutralize it.

The seminar ended with a ceremony of ceremonial awarding of certificates to the participants. It was organized on the initiative of the management of Advanced Taekwon-do Europe, with a view to specifying the criteria for evaluating candidates for covering technical degrees in the next, but not the last innovation of ATEU – Korean kickboxing (Kun Gek Do).

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