CP – cerebral palsy- stricken Robin ( 25 ) has been training for 14 years . Now, he’s a black belt in martial arts Robin Skutvik think taekwon -do has helped him in life.
– The results
That he has managed to reach black belt with cerebral palsy has required additional work.
– There is a lot of practice and patience , that is probably what is the gold standard . I have had bad movement and coordination has not quite been as it should be. I also had to train a lot of strength . I played soccer as a youth , but had not been involved in strength training , says Robin Skutvik .
– We have gone a long way from the day Robin began. He was quite ” weak” , but had a big smile and a great will. We have gone up and down , but mostly up . I have not treated him very differently than the other students . I’ve let him find their own ways and solutions , but I was next to him to help him find the correct one. The results are enormous , not only the physical but also the mental side, says coach Master Ivan Tzatchev .
Tzatchev , who has trained Skutvik in all the 14 years , you get a lot of praise from the student – who also built as an adjunct instructor for younger groups in the club.

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