Advanced Taekwon-Do Europe ATEU offers a solution to compensate Taekwon-Do instructors who have many years of experience, but are lagging in technical degrees (Dan). They are allowed to test for the next degree at the moment they are ready. Shortening the waiting period of a higher technical degree is anContinue Reading

The technical grade exams at Taekwon-do are routine events in clubs. The practice is to take one two or three exams per year, which are pre-planned in the organization’s calendar. This enables the practitioners in the group to prepare together for the upcoming exam. In the preparation process, some practitionersContinue Reading

From 15.7 to 17.7 in the eco village of Azarea, city of Troyan held a camp ā€“ seminar on Advanced Taekwon-do. The event was organized by the instructor of Euroatlas club Tommy Gizdov. Leading the technical and theoretical part of the event was the President of Advanced Taekwondo-do Europe ATEUContinue Reading

On 25.06.2022, in the sports hall “Be shape” – Lyulin, Sabumnim Mario Iliev (VŠ† dan) held an exam for technical degrees. Special guests at the event were Master Boris Atanasov (VII dan) – President of Advanced Taekwon-do Bulgaria, “Euroatlas” and Advanced Taekwon-do Europe ATEU and Tommy Gizdov – member ofContinue Reading