• Bo Sabum Nim Mario Iliev conduct an exam

    At the end of December 2014, Senior Lecturer at the Academy of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria – Mario Iliev conduct an exam for school grades to BUTF. Participants was presented […]

  • Winter training camp of BUTF 2015

    Successfully finished the Winter sport camp of BUTF. Leader was Elitza Kostadinova – president of TK Bankya and vice president of BUTF. Were held two editions training and competition on […]

  • ITF-Taekwondo National Championship, Norway 2014

    This is the first time all ITF- groups in Norway’s are participation together. Good example for the other nations, brotherhood of TKD. The first day of ITF-Taekwondo National Championship have […]

  • Demonstration during Volunteer Day in Tromso

    Here are some few pictures from the demonstration on 13.sept. during Volunteer Day in Tromso. We had the pleasure and honor to get visit from Deputy Mayor Anni Skogman with […]

  • Master Tzatchev Seminar In Bulgaria 2014

    Taekwondo Seminar in Bulgaria It has been a tradition in Bulgarian Federation Taekwondo (BUTF) to invite every year high qualified instructors for seminars and courses. Last year BUTF invited Grand Master Lim 9 Dan […]

  • ATEU Seminar, Sofia 2014 / REPORT

    On June 15, 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria was held ATEU seminar. The seminar was led by master Ivan Tzatchev, 7 Dan. During the event were presented sparring and self-defense. “Excellent seminar in Sofia with students from Phoenix g Bankya TKD club. Motivated and enthusiastic teachable athletes contribute […]

  • Welcome to ATI Europe Seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Welcome to exciting seminar with Master Ivan Tzatchev -7. Dan in Sofia – Bulgaria on 15th. day of June-2014. The seminar is open for all ITF style participators at any levels. Do you […]

  • Arctic Seminar 26th & 27th, April, Tromsø-Norway, 2014

    On the April 26th &27th, . Grand Master James Lim 9th Dan, Presented an Advanced two day TaeKwonDo seminar in Tromsø-Norway. From the first bow, the students were impressed by […]

  • Summer camp 2013 Kiten, Bulgaria – report

    BUTF summer training camp  was held from 21 to 30 August 2013.   Leaders to the event were Sabum Nim B. Atanasov VI Dan, Sabum Nim M. Trifonov IV Dan, […]

  • The second ATI seminar in BG 2013 REPORT

    On 15 and 16 June 2013 was held a second Advanced Taekwon-Do International seminar in Bulgaria organised by ATEU and BUTF. The  seminar was led by Grand Master Lim, 9 […]

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